Frequently Asked Questions

What material options do we have for our new deck?

Gerring Construction uses only pressure treated wood for the base of all deck additions projects. The deck floor and deck railing can be created with either treated wood or composite wood. We will walk you through the pros and cons of treated wood and composite wood, so that you can make the best selection for your new deck!

How do I know what roof material is best for my home or business?

You can't really go wrong when selecting what material you want to use to build your new roof. If you are installing a new roof it is important to consider the structure and style of your home. There are several different types of materials to select from including:


Gerring Construction will explain all your roof options to you, so that you can select the best roof for your home.

How long will it take for you to install my new roof?

Unfortunately, Gerring Construction can't offer an exact timeline on how long new roof installation will take. The timeline for the project will vary based on a variety of factors including access to the property, pitch and style of roof, chimneys, skylights, and so forth. We will have a better idea of timeline once we come out to provide and estimate.

Do you offer free estimates?

Gerring Construction does offer free estimates. If you would like to schedule an estimate please call us at 540-550-7161.

How do I know if my siding needs to be repaired or replaced?

There are a number of things that we will look at to determine if your sliding needs to be repaired or replaced. The two main things that we examine are the current condition of the siding and if it was initially installed properly.